7 days no reason to return the instructions

Data: 2018-03-29
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7 days no reason to return, refers to the consumer from the time of the goods receipt at 0:00 the next day, within 7 days can enjoy no reason to return service, one plus will receive the return of goods on the date, within 7 days to return the price of goods paid by consumers.

Return Notice:

1, to ensure that no cell phone damage, appearance intact, screen, back cover without any scratches, while the return machine must ensure that the host, accessories, insurance cards, invoices, packaging, etc. are complete and complete (invoices, insurance card lost the same, can not be No reason to return);

2. The freight returned by the consumer shall be borne by the consumer;

3, the exchanged goods can not enjoy 7 days no reason to return;

4, consumers must send in accordance with the designated courier, do not use to pay, surface mail.

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