15 days return service instructions

Data: 2018-03-29
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The 15-day return service refers to the performance failures listed in the State-issued "Mobile Phone Product Performance Failure Table" within 15 days from the time of the receipt of the goods on the following day. Consumers can enjoy the return service and need to ensure the mobile phone. No one is damaged, the appearance is good, the screen, back cover without any scratches, while the return machine must ensure that the host, accessories, insurance cards, invoices, packaging and other intact (if the invoice is lost, deduct the corresponding tax point); The price paid by the consumer is returned within 7 days from the date of receipt of the returned merchandise.

Mobile phone product performance failure table
Performance failure
Phone bodyThe main function of the mobile phone manual is invalid
No screen display / typo / missed screen
Can't start up, can't login or communicate properly
No ringing
Dialing error
Abnormal shutdown
Bad SIM card contact
Key control failure
No sound, one-way silence, or abnormal volume
Case cracks due to structural or material factors

does not work or is not working properly, use the specified charger can not be charged

After the battery is charged, the mobile phone still cannot work normally. 

Battery The judgment is based on the battery capacity is not less than 80%.
Data line does not work
External wired headset  can't send normally

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