To your taste and to my feelings KEN XIN DA's ultra-thin smart phone EL K20 with dual camera

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To your taste and to my feelings KEN XIN DA's ultra-thin smart phone EL K20 with dual camera

To your taste and to my feelings KEN XIN DA's ultra-thin smart phone EL K20 with dual camera

EL K20 uses the most popular 18:9 screen of 5.7 inches, supports coverage of Corning Gorilla Glass. With the thickness of only 8mm and a weight of 161g, it is very thin with a good touch feel. Rear 13 million pixels and 5 million pixels, dual f/1.8 large aperture design makes low-light imaging more excellent. The front 8 megapixel camera with soft lights also shows the EL K20's emphasis on camera functions.

Besides,  equipped with Octa-Core mobile platform, EL K20 provides three kinds of optional storage configuration versions, i.e. 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, 3GB RAM + 64GB ROM, all of which work well in performance. It is pre-installed Android OS v7.1 (8.0) system in factory. It is highlighted with functions such as face recognition, game-free mode and fingerprint recognition, etc. With a battery capacity of 3200 mAh, it has a relatively good endurance. The compatibility of the configuration and the optimization of the system contribute to an extraordinary sense of fluency during use without stuck.

Next, we will introduce comprehensive information of the mobile phone from the perspective of the appearance, screen, photographing, endurance and performance. Due to limited space for content, the author will introduce the appearance of the EL K20 and related information of the screen in details.

In terms of design, EL K20's mobile phone always has a sophisticated appearance, wonderful touch and excellent industrial design capabilities. Appearance Theme Material: All-metal body, front 2.5D arc glass with high integration of the metal body. So the whole machine is perfectly connected, smooth from front to back with a very high degree of integration. As the tradition goes, in the top of the phone lies the front lens, handset, speaker and sensor. The back of the phone is extremely simple, only in the central metal etching EL mark can be seen. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal operation of the NFC function, there is a specially dispelled antenna at the top of the phone, which also avoids the metal shielding problem of the whole rear cover. Neat but not simple, it has a Nordic discipline design style.

To your taste and to my feelings KEN XIN DA's ultra-thin smart phone EL K20 with dual camera

The EL K20 uses a 5.7-inch 18:9 LCD screen with a resolution of 1440*720 HD+ IPS. It creates a higher proportion of screen while maintaining a good touch. Its screen also has advantages in LCD material, brightness and color accuracy, etc.

To your taste and to my feelings KEN XIN DA's ultra-thin smart phone EL K20 with dual camera

We chose to test in an all-enclosed environment by DisplayTester Pro. If the screen is adjusted to the highest brightness, it will automatically be hibernated. The Topcon BM7A luminance colorimeter is used to test the L value of the white screen and X, Y and L value of the three primary colors of red, green, and blue respectively.  Perform the test for three times, get the average value and enter them into the Excel table, the result will be automatically calculated.

Screen brightness: (Unit: nits) Screen brightness is an important indicator to measure the screen of a mobile phone. When people are looking at the screen, they all hope that the brightness will be as high as possible. This will make the screen more beautiful and the details will be displayed better, especially under strong light. Only with enough brightness, the content displayed on the screen can be seen well, which means that the higher the maximum brightness value is, the better the mobile phone screen can be seen. Per our experience, when the maximum brightness of the screen exceeds 500 nits, the screen will have a good readability under strong light, 400 Nit below will be relatively difficult.

Color temperature: (Unit: K) Color temperature refers to whether the color of the screen is cooler or warmer. Usually, the mobile phone will be set to display pure white. Under the condition of D65 standard ambient brightness, the color temperature should be displayed at 6500K. If lower than 6500K, the screen will be warmer (yellowish), otherwise it will be cooler (bluish). The closer the screen color temperature is to 6500K, the more standard it is.

NTSC color gamut: (unit: %) The NTSC color gamut value represents the vividness of the color displayed on the screen instead of the number of colors. The higher the NTSC color gamut value, the brighter the screen color is. The mobile phone screen generally adopts two color gamuts: sRGB and NTSC. It is generally accepted that 72% of the NTSC color gamut is equal to about 100% of the sRGB color gamut and 92% or above of the NTSC color gamut screen is a wide color gamut screen.

It can be seen that the parameters of the EL K20's screen all perform well. No matter it is brightness, color temperature or color performance, it is basically satisfactory. Even the color gamut of EL K20 is already good for LCD screens, due to the limitation in screen material.

To your taste and to my feelings KEN XIN DA's ultra-thin smart phone EL K20 with dual camera

The above content introduces the basic parameters, appearance and screen characteristics of the EL K20 fashion ultra-thin mobile phone with dual cameras. In the next articles, the author will continue to introduce the camera, endurance, performance and other different modules of EL K20. I believe that through this detailed explanation, you will have a deep understanding of this EL phone. Please continue to pay attention to the official consultation of KEN XIN DA.

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